Your gift will give homeless dogs & cats a second chance.

We Are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

We Rely 100% on Donations from Generous People Like You.

Lighthouse Animal Shelter is a temporary home for the underdogs! We rescue dogs from high intake shelters in southern states who would otherwise be euthanized due to limited space and no fault of their own.

Lighthouse often takes on dogs who need expensive and comprehensive medical care including but not limited to:
Our adoption fees rarely cover the cost of care we provide for our animals.

We also care for feral cats, cat owner surrenders, and strays.

Medical Emergency Fund

Lighthouse needs your support in order for us to continue providing the level of care that these dogs and cats deserve. The following are three major medical bills that all happened recently back to back. Please consider donating. No amount is too small and every dollar is truly appreciated.


Gigi is an owner surrender who had never been to a vet prior to being at Lighthouse. She needed a pyometra emergency spay. Pyometra is a deadly uterine infection requiring immediate medical attention.

Emergency Pyometra Spay



Sweet boy Garfield swallowed a collar while at a shelter in SC that was over capacity and he was going to be euthanized without a medical rescue. He required emergency surgery to remove the collar.

Emergency SURGERY



Gretta is a good girl adopted from us in 2021 and recently returned. At her check up after her return, a mammary tumor was found. She had surgery to remove the tumor and it was sent out for biopsy.

Tumor Removal & Biopsy


Help the Feral Cats of New Bedford

Our Favorite Ferals

We’ll occasionally help out with feral cats in our community by assisting with trap, neuter and return projects. These two ferals snuck into our hearts and they’ve now become permanent members of the Lighthouse family. They spend each day ruling the cat room, cuddling with each other & cuddling up to the other cats.

Feral Frank

Cheryl The Feral

Support Our Mission OF SAVING LIVES

You Can Make A Difference

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Item Donations

At this time we are unable to accept donations of toys, bowls, jackets, harnesses, leashes, collars, beds, etc.

¬†We have received so many generous donations of these items and we don’t have any more room to store them. Thank you to those that have donated! Below is a list of items we can still accept as we go through them quickly so storing isn’t an issue. Thanks!!

Cleaning Supplies

Cat & Dog Supplies

We are in need of used towels, dish towels, rags & sheets. We can not accept large comforters or bedding with stuffing as most of our dogs will chew them and it is a safety hazard!

Dry food donations: We generally feed our dogs & cats Taste of the Wild. Our animals are spoiled and fed high quality food. We do accept other brands if they are good for the animals!

Canned food donations: We use wet food as a treat, for our picky eaters, or for administering medication.
We will accept any brand of canned food.

Gift Cards

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