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Looking to adopt? The first step is filling out our adoption application. Visitors at our shelter are limited to those who have submitted applications.


No. Our adoption program focuses on adult and senior dogs and cats.

There are pet adoption sites that allow you to narrow your search for a pet by age, sex, size, breed, etc. Those sites are:


We never have small dogs in our care. The smallest dog in our care (on average) is 30-35 lb.

Surrendering Your Dog:

  1. Have you already contacted the rescue/shelter/breeder that you got the dog from? They would want to know that you need to rehome your dog and could likely take the dog back into their care or help you find a new home for your dog.
  2. If you know your dog's breed, have you reached out to breed specific rescues? There are rescues all around the U.S. who are dedicated to helping specific breeds.

We can not accept dog owner surrenders. If you have to surrender your dog immediately, please call your local animal control for guidance on surrendering.

If time is not a concern and you can be flexible on when you surrender your pet, there are 2 sites that you can post your dog on for rehoming.

  1. First visit:
    This is a site where you can post pictures and a bio about your dog for potential new homes. This site also provides assistance with screening applicants. Be honest in your posting about your pet. 
  2. After posting your dog on adoptapet and understanding the importance of screening applicants with personal & vet references, you can then post your dog on this site: does not provide the same support as so it is important to check out adoptapet first. Please use adoptapet's guidelines for screening applicants if/when you receive inquiries from your rescueme postings.


We can sometimes accept cat surrenders depending on how many cats we already have. If you need to surrender a cat please email us with the following information:

  • Why do you need to surrender your cat? If we could help you resolve issues with your cat, would you want to keep your cat?
  • Is the cat spayed/neutered? Up to date on vaccinations?
  • Is the cat good with other cats?
  • Any other information you'd like to provide.

Our adoption application simply tells us more about you and better puts us in a position to match you with the right dog or cat. The last thing we want is for anyone to be unhappy (animals or humans!). We want to make sure that we set you up with the right animal for your situation/lifestyle.

Visitors at our shelter are limited to those who have submitted applications as we are very short on volunteers. Appointments are meant for those who are serious about adopting. Read more about our adoption process and fill out an application!

21 years old.

Our insurance requires that all volunteers who have direct contact with our animals to be at least 18 years old.

Read more about volunteering opportunities.

Thank you for thinking of us!

We are always in need of monetary donations for medical treatment, transport fees, utility bills, etc. Donate Now.

Item Donations: At this time we are unable to accept donations of toys, bowls, jackets, harnesses, leashes, collars, beds, etc. We have received so many generous donations of these items that our storage is full. Visit our donation page to see the list of items that we go through quickly!

If you have questions about whether we can accept a specific donation not mentioned on that page, please email us.

A volunteer is almost always at the shelter to greet you when you drop off donated items. If we happen to be on break or you stop by during a shift change, our enclosed porch will keep donations safe.

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