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Before you fall in love with one of our dogs (its difficult not to), have you filled out an application? At this time, visitors at our shelter are limited to those who have submitted an app.


3 year old, 75 lb. male
Hound Mix

Creek has wiggled his way into the hearts of our volunteers. 

Once you’re Creek’s best friend, prepare yourself for some laughs while you watch his awkward, goofy body chase toys, a good cuddle session where he paws at you if you stop, and an invitation to scratch his butt.

When he first meets a new person, he is initially insecure and will bark. We understand this can come off as scary to some people because he is a big boy with a deep voice. But honestly, Creek is all talk! All of his barking is rooted from insecurity and not trusting humans. Once he trusts you and accepts you into his circle you’ll be his best friend.

Creek has more difficulty warming up to men. He’s looking for someone who understands “stranger danger.” He will do best in a low-key home where there aren’t too many people coming & going. No kids, please.

Other Dogs

Creek is very social with other dogs. He loves to have friends. He's that guy at the party that talks to everyone.


Unknown - he can be tested.

adoptable brindle dog for adoption


4 year old, 50 lb. female
Her paperwork says she is a Pitbull mix. We think she is a Mountain Cur mix.

Zoe is a beautiful, sweet girl who is house trained and crate trained. She is super athletic, agile & smart!

She is incredibly devoted & loyal to her people. When she sees someone that she loves, her little nub tail doesn’t stop wagging and all she wants to do is for you to say hi to her and welcome her into your lap for snuggles. Once you have her trust, there is no turning back! She is loyal and will always greet you with a smile on her face.

Zoe was insecure about meeting new people when she first arrived at Lighthouse. She has gotten much more confident with strangers but her forever family should still be considerate and aware of her feelings when she meets someone new.


Zoe has been to professional training so she knows basic commands and also knows some fun ones like how to give a high five. Zoe's forever home should be understanding about her insecurity with new people and will want to continue with her obedience training so that when she does get scared, she will listen to you and know that she can trust you.

Other Dogs

Zoe has made a lot of dog friends at Lighthouse (loves to play chase!) but it's all on her own terms - she appreciates a slow intro and she will let the other dogs know that she is the queen so she plays best with dogs who accept corrections.


Zoe has lived with a cat before but she does chase. If she were to live with a cat, they would need to be very dog-savvy.


2 year old, 50 lb. female
Hound/Bully Mix

Liberty is a sweet girl with a fun energy level. She is an active, bouncy dog outdoors who settles nicely inside. She is house-trained, well-behaved in her crate, and nondestructive when left loose in her foster home while her foster mom is at work.

Her favorite activity is chasing after a rope toy, playing tug-of-war, or snuggling up on the couch.

She seems to love everyone and wants attention from every visitor. She is always looking for someone to give an endless amount of kisses to.

Liberty knows how to sit and is very attentive when you have treats. She would be a fun pup to teach new things to as she appears to be an intelligent & thoughtful girl.

Other Dogs

Liberty is currently being fostered with 2 dogs. Liberty appreciates a slow intro with others but once she has a good dog friend, she loves to play chase & wrestle. In her foster home, she gets jealous when other dogs get attention. She could possibly live with one compatible male dog or she'd love to be your one & only.


No cats.


6 year old, 70 lb. female
Lab Mix

Roxy is a sweet & loyal girl. She’s not always super affectionate upon first meeting someone (she doesn’t give it all up on her first date!) but once she bonds with you, she’ll dish out the kisses, ask for belly rubs and cuddle.

She arrived with her sister who she loved to play outdoors with. Her sister has found her forever home and Roxy is ready for her turn!

Roxy is house-trained and crate trained.

She loves going on walks where she can sniff everything she possibly can and work on all of the commands that she knows.


Roxy knows how to sit, lay down, stay, heel, come, and place. Roxy went to training classes because she is an insecure girl who would express her insecurities by reacting (barking at other dogs, especially smaller ones). She knows now that she can trust her confident person to give her guidance and work through the commands she knows, rather than bark. Roxy is very smart, learns quickly and is ready for her forever home. She also knows fun commands like sit pretty and roll over.

Her new family will understand that they are adopting a sweet, lovely, fully trained dog but will also respect that Roxy needs to continue her training so she continues on this path to success!

Other Dogs

Roxy has played with dogs 45 lb. and up and did well with them. She does not like small dogs.


No cats.

Roxy would like a confident, experienced dog owner with a fully fenced, secure yard so she can run and play to her heart’s content without worrying about small animals in her space but we would consider placing Roxy in a home without a fence for the right person/family.


3-4 year old, 55 lb. male
Mixed Breed

Winston was starting to decompensate in the shelter setting but he was very lucky to have one of our foster homes step up to take him in for a bit ❤️ He’s already so much happier but still needs his forever home ASAP! His foster family is going on vacation soon and we think that if he comes back to the shelter, it could interrupt the progress that he has made. Winston feels the safest and most comfortable in a home.

Winston loves to be outdoors playing with toys, his humans, and other dogs. He’d make an awesome adventure partner. He can be strong on the leash so a confident leader would be best for this boy. He is smart though and catches on to new things with patience and consistency!

Winston is looking for someone who will appreciate his active side and then cuddle up when he’s ready to crash! 

Winston is crate trained and is working on his house training.

Other Dogs

Winston is great with other dogs. He has met multiple dogs at our shelter who he's loved instantly and is now in a foster home that has 3 resident dogs. He loves to play and is great at sharing toys & his space with others. He loves everyone, but does best with dogs that like to play rough and chase each other around.


Winston was tested with cats once at our shelter and did well for his first meeting. He did not display prey drive and wasn't too focused on them. In a home setting, once he's comfortable, he may try to play or chase cats. We could test him again for applicants.


3-year-old, 67 lb. female
Mixed Breed

Ariel is a lovely balance of active & low-key. She loves to be outside chasing after a toy or exploring new places on a walk but finds cuddling, relaxing, and being close to her people equally important.
Once she knows you, she is a true velcro dog and thinks she fits in your lap perfectly 🥰
Ariel would like to find a forever family that will bond with her through training. She lacks confidence when meeting new people but training is a wonderful way to build up the confidence of a dog AND bond with them at the same time.
Ariel is intelligent, food motivated, and eager to please. She is crate trained and she was previously in a foster home that reported she is house trained.
Other Dogs

Dog friendly


Unknown - she can be tested


4-year-old, 66 lb. male
Mixed Breed

Cole is looking for his next new best pal! He’s spunky and fun and loves to play fetch. Even though he is a higher-energy boy outdoors, he settles so nicely in his room. He’ll occupy himself with a toy or cuddle up in his bed and wait patiently for his turn to go outside. He’d make a great companion for someone who is looking for a copilot for all of their adventures but wants a snuggle buddy at night.

Cole is an affectionate boy who has no shame in showing off his belly for a good belly rub!

Cole loves every human that he meets but shouldn’t live with small children as he can be jumpy when he’s really excited to see his people.

Cole has his own room so he is left loose throughout the day without having any accidents. We crate him overnight and he does great in a crate as well.

He is quiet all day unless he can hear that his favorite dog walker is at the shelter!

Other Dogs

Cole will likely do best as the only dog in the home for now. The shelter that he came from had him in playgroup but we haven't had luck finding Cole a dog friend here. Our best guess is that Cole needs to be out of the shelter setting, decompress a bit, and then may be capable of having dog companions. He is non-reactive toward other dogs when on walks in the community.


Unknown - we can test him for applicants


8-year-old, 46 lb. female

Butter is a low-key snuggly pup who always wants to be at your side like velcro. Once she’s bonded with you, all she wants to do is be in your lap and will paw at you until you allow it to happen!

Even though Butter is lower energy, she still has a cute pep in her step. She has a zest for life and will boost your mood on any bad day.

Butter is crate-trained and house-trained but needs a little bit of leash training only because she can become stubborn if she is uncomfortable in a new situation. She’ll pancake to the ground and you might have to carry her 😂 or coax her to where you want her to go. With a little bit of a confidence boost, this lady will be a wonderful partner for your leisurely walks.

Other Dogs

Butter is great with other dogs! She has been in our play yard with multiple dogs. Prior to her transport to MA, she was in a foster home with 2 other dogs and she is now in a local foster home here with an energetic female pup who is bringing her out of her shell and teaching her how to play.


Cat friendly


3 and a half year old, 50 lb. male

Look at this goofy boy! Ralphie is a laid-back, quiet boy indoors for most of the day. You’ll find him cuddled up in his bed with a few blankets while he waits for his turn to go outside.
When he is outside, he turns into a silly boy with a medium energy level. He likes to chase after rope toys and zoom around the yard with our volunteers but he’s still getting used to this New England weather. He would much rather be in his forever home curled up on the couch with you! Once he gets used to your routine, we think he’d make a great adventure buddy.
Ralphie is crate-trained and we think he may be partially house-trained. He has accidents from time to time but not consistently.
Other Dogs

Dog friendly


Cat friendly


8 year old, 50 lb. female

Louise arrived as a nervous, hesitant girl. She came to us from a nice, comfy foster home in South Carolina so it’s understandable that she would be so confused once she arrived here in New Bedford at a shelter full of dogs on a cold day!
Now that Louise has settled in, she’s opened up with our volunteers and comes out of her shell more and more each day to show us how sweet & silly she can really be. Louise will happily accept your attention and gentle pets ❤️
Louise is house-trained & crate-trained. Her foster home said she was a pleasant, well-behaved house guest and they adored her gentle and low-key personality.
Other Dogs

Dog friendly


Unknown - she can be tested


2 year old, 55 lb. male
Pittie Mix

Sweet boy Theo is in need of a low-key foster home where he can feel safe and let his guard down. He isn’t used to the chaos of the shelter. The loud noises and the coming and going of new people throws him off balance and he retreats into his kennel.
Theo has gravitated toward 2 volunteers who he has completely opened up with: He’ll plop in their laps, show off his belly, give kisses, play bow, and even do some zoomies. Once he bonds with you, he bonds strongly and his main concern is being as close to you as possible for snuggling.
He is making progress with other volunteers but we fear that he won’t truly thrive in the shelter setting the way that he would in a home.
His ideal foster or adopter will be an all-adult home and one that is on the quiet side without too many visitors. Theo will need some time to realize that he is safe with you. He is still a young boy full of potential who appreciates calm and gentle energy at first. Once he opens up, he’s a goofy, playful guy. Experience with shy/fearful dogs is a plus.
Other Dogs

Dog friendly


Cats Unknown - he can be tested


9 year old, 100+ lb. male

Kelby is looking for a fitness coach 💪🏼 He is super sweet and surprisingly playful for the physical state he is in! He spends most of the day snoozing away but when it’s time for him to go in the play yard, he loves to romp around with our volunteers and chase after a tennis ball to the best of his ability! He always makes sure we have time for belly rubs too! Kelby is house-trained and crate-trained.
Kelby's Medical Needs:

Kelby is on a low calorie diet, joint supplements, and pain management medication to help him feel comfortable. It would be ideal if his foster or foster-to-adopt home was local to us as he will need to visit our vet in Dartmouth, MA for check-ins.

Other Things To Note:

Kelby needs to lose a lot of weight. That means a strict diet even if he is begging you for more ❤️ and daily walks to keep him moving!

Other Dogs

Dog friendly - he's probably not going to play with a high-energy dog. He might try...but he may be better suited for low-key dogs at this time.


Cat friendly


57 lb. male

Angel is a very special boy to us! Now that he is feeling better, he has such a spunky & silly personality. He has a low energy level and is a professional napper & snuggler but he really enjoys going on casual walks too.
Angel arrived at Lighthouse at the end of December 2022. Shortly after, we learned that our Angel boy was in kidney failure. He was hospitalized for a few days at the vet hospital where they were able to stabilize him and get him to a point where our volunteers could manage his medical care at the shelter. He has had a few follow up appointments and after weeks of us caring for him at the shelter, his levels are looking good and he is in high spirits!! He is ready to be in a home.
Angel's Medical Needs:

Angel is on a prescription diet and is on daily medication. He also receives subcutaneous fluids every 3 days. He will need a foster home that has done this before or is comfortable learning. It is easy to learn and we will show you how! A few of us have had kidney pets of our own and are here to help and provide guidance. His ideal foster home will be reasonably local as he will need to go to follow-up appointments at the vet office in Dartmouth, MA.

Other Things To Note:

Angel will do best in a foster home that is home often. He needs to go outside frequently to go to the bathroom, especially on days when he gets his fluids. His foster home will be okay with accidents in the home. We don’t know what Angel’s past was like. He has healed pressure sores and a few scars. This may be his first time being in a home setting.

Other Dogs

Dog friendly - whenever we let Angel out of his room, he likes to say hi to all of his neighbors. He's been in the yard with multiple dogs and their company makes him really happy. He'll occasionally engage in light chasing.


Unknown - he can be tested


5 year old, 45-50 lb. female
Redbone Coonhound

Gretta was adopted from Lighthouse in 2021 and was recently returned to us as her family had some major losses and changes in their life.
Gretta is a sweetheart. We expected her to be a bit overwhelmed by shelter life after being in a home setting for so long, but she has adjusted very well due to her love for people and laid-back personality. She is super quiet but her tail doesn’t stop wagging. She does a silly little dance when she gets booty scratches.
Shortly after her return, we scheduled a check-up at our vet where they discovered she has a mammary tumor. We have an appointment scheduled at the beginning of April to remove the tumor and send it out for a biopsy to determine what the next steps are for Miss Gretta.
We would LOVE to see Gretta in a foster home while she waits for her upcoming appointment.
Gretta is crate-trained and house-trained. Her previous family did not crate her and they reported that she was non-destructive when left loose. They also said that she is fine being left alone during the work day.
Gretta's Medical Needs:

Gretta does not have any medical needs at the moment.

Other Dogs

Dog friendly - her previous family reported that she has been with both males and females, adults and puppies, large dogs and small dogs, and did well with them all. We haven't introduced her to other dogs since she has been back with us but she seems to want to make friends.


Her previous family said that she has met cats and did well. She was curious and wanted to play. We can test her here at our shelter as well.

Our dog adoption program focuses on adult & senior dogs.

We do not have puppies or small dogs.
Where can I adopt a puppy or small dog?

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