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Before you fall in love with one of our cats (its difficult not to), have you filled out an application? At this time, visitors at our shelter are limited to those who have submitted an app.

adoptable red patch tabby


3 year old female

Nevaeh can be a reserved girl at first but once she is comfortable with you, she is very sweet and will eventually ask for ear scratches and provide very enthusiastic head boops.

Nevaeh will be a lovely companion for a quiet person/family. She has come a LONG way since we first got her, but she is still spooked by loud noises from time to time. A calm home that feels safe is exactly what Nevaeh is looking for.

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When Nevaeh first arrived, she was surrendered with multiple cats who were all living outside for the most part. Nevaeh loves the indoor life now! To start, she was uncomfortable with other cats in her space. It just wasn't something she was used to. She has gotten a lot more comfortable over time and now enjoys the company of other cats who are neutral or friendly toward her. If another cat is a bit of a bully, she will hide away.


Nevaeh has been in the room loose when we bring dogs through for cat-testing. Nevaeh mostly hides away when we do this. She may be able to live with a low-energy dog that wouldn't scare her too much.

adoptable tiger cat


10 year old female

This beautiful girl seeks attention and likes to be pet once she knows you well.

She’ll do best with experienced cat people who will be patient with her when she first arrives home. Tyler is a feisty girl at first! Cat people will understand 😜 She will need time & space to feel comfortable and adjust. Once she knows she is home, she is the queen of the castle.

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Cat friendly - she is fostered with other cats


Tyler does well with cat-savvy dogs - she is in a foster home that has 2 dogs.


2 year old female

Wendy’s transformation is amazing! She arrived a year ago as a feral cat. Over the past few months, she has surprised us all! Wendy came out of her shell practically over night. Now if a volunteer walks in the room, she immediately comes out to say hi. She prances over to us, wonders where the treats are, rubs up against us, and lets us pet her all over!

When Wendy finds her forever home, there will likely be a period of time where she regresses. You’ll need to be patient and know that the end game is worth it! Once she inspects her new place and gets to know you, you’ll have yourself a lovable, sweet girl.

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Cat friendly - Wendy is in a room of free-roaming cats and gets along with everybody



Moe tricked us all! When we first got Moe, we assumed he was feral. He was never mean, but he always turned away from us and didn’t want our attention. Once we had him seen by a vet and allowed Moe to free-roam with other cats, we started to see his real personality. He is not feral! He might be a little shy, but he is a sweetie.

When you first peek through the door of the room that Moe lives in, he’ll likely be curled up in a cat tree snoozing. When you open the door, he might get spooked and run away but once you sit down quietly, he will approach you and enjoy the attention.

Moe will appreciate a quiet home with people who will give him time to feel comfortable in his new space.

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Cat friendly - Moe is in a room of free-roaming cats and gets along with everybody



Our cat adoption program focuses on adult & senior cats.

We do not have kittens.
Where can I adopt a kitten?

Check out Hearts4Paws, a local all-volunteer, foster-based cat rescue.
Hearts4Paws generally has cats of all ages in their care (during kitten season – spring through summer).

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