Adoptable Cats

Before you fall in love with one of our cats (its difficult not to), have you filled out an application? At this time, visitors at our shelter are limited to those who have submitted an app.


13-15 year old male
Cat-friendly & dog-friendly

Muke is a sweet, outgoing gentleman who loves to greet every person as they enter his room. He loves affection and petting, likes to be picked up and cuddled, and can be caught curled up in a cat tree taking a snooze.


2 year old female

Snowball loves attention from volunteers and visitors. When she first arrived, she really didn’t care for other cats. She’s come a long way but she should probably be the only cat in the home because she wants all of the attention on her!


2 year old male

Cloud is a spunky, playful boy. He loves people and loves attention. But because he will sometimes use his claws to play, he probably should be in a home with adults/teens only.


2 year old male

Floyd is a nap enthusiast. Looking for your snuggle buddy? Floyd is your guy.
He loves attention and ear scratches from the volunteers and is friendly with all visitors too.


2-3 year old female

Nevaeh is a reserved girl at first but she is very sweet and will eventually ask for ear scratches and head boops. She shares a room with other cats but she would prefer to be the only cat in the home as she is happiest when getting one-on-one attention.


10 year old female
Cat-friendly & dog-friendly with cat-savvy dogs

This beautiful girl seeks attention and likes to be pet once she knows you well. She’ll do best with a patient family who gives her time & space to feel comfortable and adjust. She is a feisty girl at first! Cat people will understand 😜


5 year old male

Finbar is a very big, very friendly boy who loves company and affection. He’s not very playful but he loves to watch birds and other wildlife. If you’re looking for good company and big purrs this couch potato cat is for you! Finbar is friendly with other cats but has not been tested with dogs.

Our cat adoption program focuses on adult & senior cats.

We do not have kittens.
Where can I adopt a kitten?

Check out Hearts4Paws, a local all-volunteer, foster-based cat rescue. Hearts4Paws generally has cats of all ages in their care (during kitten season – spring through summer).

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