Roxy Reunion

I’m at the shelter every day and rarely get away. I’m not the type to take vacations. If I take a vacation, it’s usually a staycation 😂 I take time off from work but don’t take time off from the shelter.

This past weekend, I was away from the shelter for 4 days to be out of state as my sister eloped and we met her in NY to celebrate. The weekend with my sister & family was magical but the shelter dogs were in the back of my mind, especially Roxy!

The first thing I did when I got back was pay Roxy a visit in her room. She was so excited to see me. When she first meets a new person, she can be kind of aloof. She is sort of an independent dog until she really knows you. At that point, she bonds strongly. When Roxy saw me, she cried out of excitement, her whole body wiggled and she jumped up on me to say hi. She is a VERY well-behaved dog. She never jumps up on me! I was so surprised and even though jumping up on people isn’t ideal, it was heartwarming to know that she missed me just as much as I missed her.

I love her and can’t wait for her to find her forever human to bond with. Adopt Roxy.

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