Lighthouse Animal Shelter



MADGE: 3-4 year old 50 lb. Lab Mix. Once Madge knows you she is a sweet heart who loves belly rubs. When first meeting strangers she is insecure. She will need a patient, experienced adopter who feels confident in handling her insecurities. Madge plays with submissive and/or dogs with goofy personalities. She tends to love small dogs but does not care for cats. She has a low energy level.

BLITZ: 1 year old, 32 lb. Australian Shepherd/Cattle dog Mix. Blitz is an outgoing, medium-high energy male. He is cuddly with people and loves to play fetch. He plays well with other dogs but can get jealous if he’s not the only dog getting attention from people.


SALLEY: 3 year old, 26 lb. Feist Mix. Salley is a sweet, cute girl. She is extremely shy and will need a patient, gentle adopter who will help her gain confidence. Salley is currently in foster care, living with two other dogs, and learning to trust people more. If you would like to meet her, please contact the shelter to arrange a meet and greet with her foster mom.

TORI: 3 year old, 50 lb Shepherd Mix. Tori has a medium energy level and loves to play with toys. She is outgoing and friendly with people, including children. She plays with dogs of her size or larger, but does not care for small dogs or cats.


CHARLIE: 8 year old 35 lb. Beagle. Charlie is an affectionate, silly dog. He loves hanging out with his people, going for walks, and sitting in a chair and looking out the window. Charlie is a low energy boy and is guaranteed to keep you laughing with his goofy personality.

MEGAN: 3 year old, 51 lb. Hound. She can be shy at first but warms up pretty quickly. She is a low-energy sweetheart who is looking for her forever couch to crash on. Megan lived with 5 other dogs in her foster home & has gotten along with a lot of dogs at the shelter, too!

ROSIE: 1 and a half year old, 55 lb. Pitbull. Rosie is a total sweetheart. She loves attention and loves to give kisses. Her entire body wiggles when she sees you. She is very playful and is good with children. Rosie plays well with other dogs.

FOXY: 2-3 year old Shepherd Mix with a high energy level. Foxy loves to play with toys and be outside. She would do best with an active family who will take her on fun adventures or daily walks. She is very friendly & outgoing but will need manners training.

SADIE: 2 year old 55 lb. Lab/Great Dane/Terrier Mix. Sadie plays well with other dogs. She’s affectionate and outgoing with people and has been wonderful with children. Sadie has a medium energy level and always seems to be happy with her tail wagging!

CARTER: 4 year old Bulldog mix. He is currently around 50 lb. but is gaining weight and needs to gain more. He is very sweet and loveable with people. He loves to cuddle and kiss your face. Carter is quiet and well-behaved in a crate. He likes to play with other dogs but doesn’t understand how strong he is so he can be rough and needs to work on learning proper play boundaries.


RUFUS: 2 year old, 48 lb. Shepherd Mix. He is very sweet, gentle, and well-mannered. Rufus enjoys the company of other dogs and loves to play.

GENTRY: 1 year old 40 lb. Border Collie mix. He loves to play with other dogs and roll around with them in the yard. Gentry is very sweet and gentle with people. He is low-medium energy and quiet in his crate.

CORDELIA: 2 year old 37 lb. Beagle/Lab mix. She is very people-oriented and just wants your attention! She likes to sit in your lap and give kisses. She gets along with other dogs though she doesn’t play too much.

We’re happy to introduce you to our adoptable dogs. We hold adoption day every Saturday from 12:00-5:00pm. If you can not make adoption day and would like to meet our adoptable dogs please give us a call at 508-999-7387 to set up an appointment.

You may either stop by the shelter to pick up an application, or print, fill out and return the dog adoption application in the link below. Whether you’re filling out an application at home or at the shelter, PLEASE be sure to contact your references (landlord and vet if applicable, and personal references) in advance to let them know a Lighthouse Animal Shelter will be calling.


If you opt to print out our adoption form, please fill out the first two pages, scan or take a clear photograph of the completed pages and email them to or mail them to the shelter to expedite the adoption process. We do not adopt our dogs on a first come first serve basis, but rather try to find the best match between each dog and
their potential adopters.